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Eastchester Middle School National Junior Honor Society Induction
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 12:32 PM

Eastchester Middle School students who have shown excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship were honored May 6 when they were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.

More than 70 eighth-graders were recognized for their achievements and pledged to continue their dedication to these five principles.

EMS Principal Josh Elder commended the students, “Throughout your EMS career, we consistently spoke to about opportunity – opportunity to better yourself, learn something new, make a new friend, to take a chance. In many ways you are the embodiment of that message.”

In addition to committing to their studies, the students have contributed to their school and the Eastchester community by volunteering at hospitals and animal shelters, donating items to children’s hospitals, as well as giving of their time at their churches and places of worship. Many of the new inductees also qualified to take the National Spanish Exam. They also participate in a number of sports.

National Honor Society Advisor Andrew Weiss told the new members, “Unselfish service begins with the way we treat others and build good will.”


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Giving Back
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 12:24 PM

Student with signThe Eastchester Middle School Student Leadership Council helped make life a little easier for students whom they have never even met.

Under the supervision of Adam Chertok and Josephine Logan, they assisted EMS  Assistant Principal Madelin LoBue’s efforts to provide school supplies to children attending an elementary school in a small town outside of the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Student and PrincipalOver the spring break in April, LoBue presented pencil packs, erasers, books and EMS bracelets to the students. The Student Leadership Council decorated each bag that was donated and included positive messages and motivational and supportive educational messages in Spanish.

The school holds a very special place in LoBue’s heart as it is located in the area of the island from where her parents originated. Over the past several years, and with the generosity of friends, LoBue has provided basic school supplies, physical education uniforms, toys and storage containers for this school.

“It's always an extremely humbling experience to visit the school and meet the children. This trip was extra special since my two sons, Joseph, age 9, and Charlie, age 7, joined me. They helped prepare and distribute the supplies we shipped to the island in advance.” 

Upon her return to Eastchester, LoBue showed pictures from her visit to Jake Vesey, President of Student Leadership Council. "It was a great experience. It was nice to see how we can make someone's day," said Vesey.

Lucy Mortensen, Vice President Student Leadership Council said, "It was great to see how students so far away were so happy with so little."

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Social Skills Ceremony
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 12:17 PM

Students with certificiates“We all have different ways of communicating and navigating the world around us. I like to put smiles on others faces.” “I love making new friends.” “I love helping people.”

That’s how student speakers Julianna Brunelli, Georgia Cesarini, Augustine Montengero and Julianna Parcella described their experiences as part of the Social Skills Program at Anne Hutchinson.

Students with certificatesDuring their recess period, general education students laugh, play and make new friends with students in the Social Skills program. On May 10, second and third grade students received certificates and watched a video highlighting their time together over the school year.

“What I see is goodness,” said Program Coordinator Colette Donato. “They want to engage each other.”

BannerWorking together builds friendships and ensures that no student is isolated.

After the ceremony, students and families enjoyed a reception.

Thank you to AH Principal Dr. Annette Keane and Colette Donato and Lisa Knapp, Program Coordinators. 

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Red Trunk Project
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 2:53 PM

Teacher with studentsThird grade students in Greenvale waited with anticipation for a red trunk in their classrooms to be opened.

“I thought it would be clothing,” said student Nico Renza. What the children soon discovered in addition to brightly colored ponchos, the trunk was filled with artifacts from Oaxaca, Mexico that included musical instruments, games, cacao beans, money and a painted skull used to celebrate The Day of The Dead.

The red trunkClassmate Anna Malinin said, “It was really interesting to see how different people live. I didn’t know they dye clothes with fruit.”

The word “Red” in Red Trunk stands for Respect Every Difference and students in both Greenvale and Anne Hutchinson School piloted the program. PNW BOCES partnered with the Red Trunk Project and helped design the lessons.

The message is resounding with Anne Hutch third-grader Kayleigh Geagan. “Everybody is different and it is good to learn about the difference.”

Students showing off their work“The Red Trunk Project connects students to cultures around the world in the most authentic way possible -- through the eyes and experiences of other children,” said Supervisor of Humanities, Susan Chester. Students also found out what everyone has in common is that they are different. “Learning that children from a far-away place are, in many ways, "just like me" encourages tolerance, builds empathy, and increases knowledge of the world outside of Eastchester,” said Chester.

Students also said they enjoyed learning about the past.

Eastchester would like to bring the Red Trunk Project to other classrooms next year.

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Art Honor Society Induction
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 2:45 PM

National Art Honor Society InducteesEastchester Art Honor Society President Nam Kim, Vice President Dylan Eklond and advisor Morgan Hughes de Rham welcomed thirty new members into Eastchester Art Honor Society on April 30 during a special ceremony.

The new inductees are joining an active group that uses their creative abilities to reach out to others.

This year the AHS designed and delivered 200 Stocking Grams that spread cheer to P.S. 111, an underfunded elementary school in the Bronx. The funds that were raised were donated to the school to support their art program and the AHS purchased weaving supplies and yarn for the children.

In March, AHS students handcrafted hundreds of paper flowers and created centerpieces to decorate the EHS cafeteria to welcome spring, and donations from the spring bake sale were used to purchase supplies the art program at P.S. 111.

Students also created pieces for the Senior Fashion Show in the fall.

New members received a special origami pin to welcome them into the Art Honor Society.

Congratulations to all the new inductees!

Erin Murphy, Elizabeth Winn, Emily Melish, Cindy Pepaj, Jennifer Tsuchiya, Isabella Rizzo, Sofia Damasco, Sophia Katja Sabelija, Ariana Wahab, Emi Jhang, Brian Kim-Kautsis, Joanna Lumanas, Esther Hur, Walter Kreutzer, Cassandra Vasquez, Emma Howard, Amanda Bernardi, Julianna Ramano, Marie Nakajima, Noela Piniqi, Mikela Piniqi, Justine Ruvolo, Ariana Russo, Adriana Faustini, Kristina Samushiya, Kanta Sakabe, Homa Sonboli, Cassidy D’Anna, Kimberly Garcia, and Joe Formisano.

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Cupcake Wars and Dancing With OUR Stars
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 2:37 PM

Students and faculty members decorated cupcakes that pleased every taste-bud and performed dance routines that got everyone moving during The 9th annual Cupcake Wars and the 13th annual Dancing With Our Stars.

The event held on April 26, showcased the many talents of the Eastchester School District while hi-lighting the theme, “Dancing Through the Decades.”  

Unique cupcakes depicting many eras filled the old gym at Eastchester High School with displays that included: The Golden Girls, Breakfast Bunch, The 70’s, Tie Die Disco and Sweete Shoppe.

Italy: Through the Years, paid tribute to Spanish and Italian teacher Lina Astarita who has been organizing the event from the beginning and is retiring. These treats designed by Adele Lotto and Josephine Logan included photos of Ms. Astarita on each one.

Professional judges Tina Zaccardi, EHS Class of ’80 – Winner of “The Great American Baking Show” and Anna Larkin EHS, Class of ’07 – Winner of “Bakers and Fakers” critiqued the cupcakes for taste and originality.

“This is so much fun and I am honored to be a part of it and coming back to the school,” said Zaccardi as she sat down to judge. “I am happy to do this for Lina - and it is going to be very hard!”  Zaccardi went into the financial field after college but she shares her talent and love for baking on her site, Tina Zaccardi: The Italian Cookie.

Larkin who works as a nurse studied Chemistry in College. She sees the connection between sciences...

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Eastchester School Board Appoints New Superintendent of Schools
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 3:09 PM

Eastchester, New York - April 24, 2019 - The Eastchester School Board unanimously appointed Dr. Robert J. Glass as the new Superintendent of Schools at its Board of Education meeting held, Tuesday, April 23. After an extensive six-month national search, Dr. Glass was chosen for his educational leadership, his ability to collaborate and build consensus among the community, faculty, staff and students. His start date is July 1, 2019.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Glass to Eastchester,” said School Board President Mary Messner Martin, “Dr. Glass brings with him over 35 years of educational experience developing student-centered programs. His vision and commitment to planning for the future will build upon the strong educational foundation that already comprises the fabric of the Eastchester School District.”

Dr. Glass is currently the superintendent of the Bloomfield Hills Schools in Michigan where he was appointed in 2010. Bloomfield was ranked #1 in Michigan by Niche in 2018 and Dr. Glass was named Superintendent of the Year for 2017 by the Michigan Association of School Administrators. During his tenure in Bloomfield, Dr. Glass has united two successful high schools into a single campus featuring learning communities and flexible learning spaces. He has renewed core instructional programs with an intensive focus upon teacher leadership, literacy, equity and inclusion. He has accomplished this while remaining fiscally responsible and creating a ...

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Earth Day
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 3:05 PM

Anusha Vaishi discovered a passion for what some might find to be an unlikely past time. The third-grader from Anne Hutchison spends much of her free time learning and teaching others about insects.

On Earth Day, April 27, she gave a presentation at the Girl Scout Cabin in Eastchester explaining how to make an insect garden following her Living Greenways campaign. Anusha shared the importance of native plants and led other children through an insect hunt.

Anusha said her fascination with insects grew after learning about them in school. “I was curious to know more. I go to different places to save insects because insects are misunderstood.” Each insect, explained Anusha, plays an integral role in the environment.

Westchester County Legislator Damon Maher, Eastchester Supervisor Anthony Colavita and Eastchester Councilman Joseph Dooley joined Anusha at the Earth Day event.

Anusha also started the Little Critters Club at the Eastchester Public Library where about a dozen children to share their knowledge and learn more about insects.

When she grows up, Anusha may become an entomologist, a scientists who studies insects or a doctor.

You can learn more about Anusha’s work here:

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Business Honor Society Induction
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 2:58 PM

Six students were inducted into Lambda Alpha Beta Gamma, the International Business Honor Society on April 25, with administrators, faculty and family congratulating them for their achievements.

The honor society recognizes leadership, scholarship and the excellence in business studies. Eastchester High School Principal Jeff Capuano also told the students to value ethics and responsibility in addition to ability and knowledge as they pursue their careers.

The new inductees explained the ideals held by Lambda Beta Gamma and pledged to hold high standards through their lives. They are: Bridget Bajana, Kristina Constantino, Patrick Crean, Thomas Dell’ Aera, Rebecca Moriarty and Erica Reith.

Mary Visconti, EHS Class of 15, explained how studying business in Eastchester had an effect on her life. “I fell in love with accounting and if it weren’t for the businesses courses, I don’t know what I would be studying in college.” Visconti is graduating Thomas Aquinas College next month and will continue her studies to become a Certified Public Accountant.  

Also attending the event was Professor Ruth Levy Schudroff who is the Co-Adviser for the Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter at Westchester Community College. She encouraged students to continue their business studies in college. “You have to understand how business operates. Business forms relationships in every career.”

Thank you to Business Honor Society Co-Advisors Amy Schlamkowitz and Lauren Stipo who organized the ceremony and work with the students throughout the school year.

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Helping Others
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 2:57 PM

Whenever the Anne Hutchinson School community gathers for their HEART Assembly each month, students and staff members are invigorated! The acronym HEART stands for: Help Others, Engage in Learning, Act Responsibly, Respect Property and People, and Take Safety Seriously. Today everyone wore their new HEART t-shirts that were provided by the PTA.

Students celebrated their accomplishments for the month of April where they showed responsibility to the Earth by collecting old and worn out markers for recycling. During the month of May, their efforts will assist one of their classmates and the larger community.

The school is raffling a summer basket to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and its research efforts.

Fifth-grader Dan Thomson was diagnosed earlier this year with the Type 1 Diabetes and shared some of the challenges he faces with the group. He must prick his fingers and take insulin injections but he doesn’t allow the disease to stop him. Dan plays baseball, basketball and lacrosse.

Dan tells other students, “Always try your best, no matter what happens.”  

According to the American Diabetes Foundation, 1.25 million Americans have Type 1 Diabetes.  Dan’s mother Regina Thomson attended the HEART Assembly and said she was touched by the students’ generosity. “I am grateful for anything to help fund research. I truly believe one day, there will be a cure.” 

Raffles for the Summer Fun Basket are $1.00.

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