District Information

 Advertising in the Schools

In addition to sending out information about our own schools or the District, the Eastchester School District may also allow non-profit, charitable, civic and town organizations to distribute information through the schools to students and families. The subject must be of educational, civic, athletic or cultural value. Decisions to distribute materials are made on an individual basis at the discretion of the District.

Examples of what we can advertise include community sports registration and/or clinics information; local college offerings; town camp information (Eastchester/Bronxville/Tuckahoe); parades and community events; fund raising information for non-profit or charitable organizations; neighboring district offerings (e.g. educational parent workshops), etc.


Organizations must:

  • qualify as non-profit, charitable, or civic.
  • present materials of educational, civic, athletic or cultural value.
  • submit materials and receive approval from the district before distribution.
  • include the following disclaimer on the materials:
    This program is not affiliated with the Eastchester School District and the District does not sponsor, endorse, or recommend any of the organizations, services, or activities described in these materials.

Approval of Flyers/Information for Students and Parents/Guardians

Organizations outside of the school district must receive approval from the District on all promotional materials that they wish to distribute to students and parents/guardians. District PTAs work with the individual building principals to determine what material is distributed by the school.

Flyers or informational materials can be submitted to the district Communications Office via e-mail, mail or fax. E-mail (preferred) to gnoone@eufsdk12.org; mail information to Grace Noone at 580 White Plains Road, Eastchester, NY 10709; fax to 914 395-0299.

Please submit your flyer at least one week in advance of the date that you would like to receive approval. You will be notified when your flyer has been approved. Individual schools will be notified if your flyer has been approved for backpack distribution. If information is to be included in the school newsletters, it may be edited for content or length.

Distribution Process

Upon approval, organizations are responsible for getting materials to the schools for distribution. Elementary schools distribute paper flyers to students in grades K-5. Flyers must be bundled in packs of 25. Check with the Communications office for the number of packs each school needs.

If appropriate, flyers will be sent to PTAs for their e-mail blasts as well. Individual PTAs have the sole discretion to decide if and how they will distribute material from outside sources.

Flyers/Information for Teachers and Staff

The District does not approve promotional materials targeted at teachers. The school principal or administrator determines what flyers can be distributed to teachers or placed in staff lounges or on bulletin boards.

Posters and Signs

Organizations that wish to put posters or signs on school grounds must receive approval from the school principal or building administrator. Additional permits may be required by the Facilities Department. Please contact the Communications Office with questions (793-6130, ext. 4661).

Not Permitted

The District does not permit distribution of materials from private, profit-making organizations (private camps, private theater companies, dance companies, retailers (even when they are offering discounts), etc. Outside organizations or campaigns are not permitted to distribute literature on school grounds. PTAs may e-mail such information at their discretion as a service to parents.

Cable TV (Channels 24/78) Guidelines

Information to be posted on cable MUST be shorter in length than the standard flyer. For information on how to post an event, please contact TVStudio@eufsdk12.org