District Information

 Procedures For Requesting Media Services For District Events

These guidelines refer to requesting submissions to the District website, cable stations, School Talk newsletter and individual school newsletters.

1. See Information Technology and TV Media Services for placing an announcement concerning a school event on cable, and Order Copies of School Events That Aired on Channels 78 & 24 for purchasing videos of a televised event.

2. In order to have an announcement placed on district cable stations OR the district website, you need to email the information to gnoone@eufsdk12.org. This provides the opportunity to check for errors or typos and to make sure that the information falls within the guidelines as to what is allowed to be posted. The information will then be placed on cable and website.

3. NOTE: Sometimes two versions of an announcement are needed. The version that goes on the website or in other school newsletters can be longer than what goes on cable.

For cable, follow these guidelines:

  • Information should be brief. Do not exceed 30 characters per line and no more than 12 lines per page.
  • Information can be sent as an attachment or in the body of the e-mail.
  • Information sent as an attachment may need to be modified to fit into the above format.
  • If you are sending it as an attachment, do NOT send as a PDF or as an image - We cannot change or re-format these; send in Word or Publisher formats.

4. For website, follow these guidelines:

  • Information should be brief but can be longer than the cable version; it can be sent as an attachment, following the guidelines noted above.
  • There is no guarantee that pictures of students will be used on the website; sendingartwork is also an option.

5. For other school newsletters (elementary e-newsletters go out every Friday; MS and HS are mailed home less frequently):

  • Flyers must be approved before distribution in backpacks. Generally, only flyers from town organizations, boy scouts and girl scouts are permissible. For approval, please contact Grace Noone at gnoone@eufsdk12.org.
  • What works for the website is generally acceptable; again send as a Word or Publisher document that can be edited for length. For approval, please contact Grace Noone at gnoone@eufsdk12.org.
  • Deadlines for weekly newsletters at AH/G/W: by Tuesday afternoon to go home in Friday backpacks.
  • If you have an approved flyer that you want to send home in backpacks, make up packs of 30 flyers each; Waverly needs 25 packs of 25 in each; Greenvale needs 28 packs and AH needs 25 packs.
  • Contact Grace Noone (gnoone@eufsdk12.org) when flyers are being dropped off at the schools so the schools can be alerted.