District Information

Board of Education: Goals

The Eastchester Board of Education has established the following goals:

Improving Student Performance:

  1. Continue to enhance learning opportunities for all students through a sustained and systemic program of teacher professional growth and curriculum development.
  2. Mentor new instructional staff and provide professional growth opportunities in best instructional practices and in the implementation of Eastchester's curriculum and assessment programs.
  3. Continue the implementation of District graduation goals and New York State's learning standards.
  4. Build on our record of continuous improvement in student performance on State assessments in 4th and 8th grades and in the requirements of the All Regents High School.
  5. Continue to enhance our excellent record of enrollment in Advanced Placement courses and other advanced learning opportunities for all students which will also enhance college/university acceptances. Continue to build on our regional leadership role in videoconferencing for enhanced learning, along with the application of new and upgraded technology K-12.

 Finance/Budget/ Business Operations:

  1. Develop fiscally responsive and taxpayer sensitive expenditure plans that support and improve programs, services and facilities.
  2. Develop strategic financial reserves capable of responding to program capital and infrastructure needs in a manner that maximizes resources and promotes taxpayer value.
  3. Continue the District's commitment to utilize technology in achieving its mission and to improve its technology infrastructure, as needed.

Bonds/Construction/Facility Improvements:

  1. Oversee, guide and support the successful completion of all voter-approved bond projects and all facility improvement projects, and to report to the community on the progress of all work.
  2. Complete the secondary facilities review by the Long Range Planning Committee and recommend to the community a plan for accommodating increased enrollments at the Middle and High School.

School Community, Public Relations & Legisative Action:

  1. Enhance the Board's communications with parents through trustee liaisons to all PTA's,the Eastchester School Foundation and the Eagles Spots Club. 
  2. Continue the Board's successful Advisory Committee structure in order to promote the appropriate involvement of stakeholders in important decision-making processes.
  3. Continue to support and improve the District's Public Relations Program, particularly through cable channels (78/24), the District's web site and "School Talk."
  4. Engage in legislative action and advocacy on behalf of the best interests of all Eastchester students.

Board of Education