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 Pupil Personnel Services

Pupil Personnel Services

Eastchester employs a variety of specialists to help students reach their potential. The Pupil Personnel staff includes counselors, psychologists, speech/language teachers, occupational therapists, physicians and nurses. Their services are provided according to the needs of the student.

Students meet with Pupil Personnel staff on an as needed basis or as mandated by state and federal law. Parents should contact pupil personnel staff members regarding any issues or concerns they may have. For additional information, call 793-6130, ext. 4239.

Special Education

Eastchester has in-district programs to meet the needs of students with a variety of disabilities. School personnel, the District Committee on Special Education, in consultation with parents, work to design and monitor programs to meet individual student needs. A full continuum of services is provided based on a students strengths and needs. For additional information, please contact Dr. Noreen Urso, Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services, at 793-6130, ext. 4239.

Requirements Regarding Special Education for Parentally Placed Nonpublic School Children

If you place your child in a nonpublic school and wish your child to receive special education services while enrolled in that school, you must request those services in writing no later than June 1 before the school year in which services are to be provided. This written request must be sent to the district where the nonpublic school is located.

If you have placed your child in a nonpublic school and, while the child is enrolled in that school, you suspect that your child has a disability and you wish to have your child evaluated to determine if special education services are needed, you must the contact the school district where the nonpublic school is located to request an evaluation to determine your child's eligibility for special education services. For more information, please contact Dr. Noreen Urso, Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services, at 793-6130, ext. 4239.

Students with Disabilities

Parents who suspect that their child may be disabled and entitled to services under IDEA or the Rehabilitation Act-Section 504 should discuss concerns or questions with their child's principal, psychologist, guidance counselor or Instructional Support Team.

Referrals for disabled students qualifying for accommodations under the Rehabilitation Act-Section 504 will be referred to the 504 Chairperson. For additional information, call Erin McGee, Assistant Director of Special Education, at 793-6130, ext. 4260.

If you have any knowledge of a student who may meet these criteria, and is not already receiving Special Education services, please contact Erin McGee, Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services, at 793-6130, ext. 4260.

Homebound Instruction

The Board of Education employs qualified educators to instruct students who are confined at home by extended illness. The school nurse will need medical documentation and a release to speak directly with the students treating physician to confirm illness. Call the school principal or school guidance counselor for more information.

Academic Support Services

A number of services help to support student learning. They include: Academic Intervention Services, counseling, and speech/language therapy. Students are screened to identify those who qualify for these services. The District has also implemented RTI, Response to Intervention Services, for students.

Child Find

As part of the New York State Education Law requirement, the Eastchester Union Free School District is attempting to locate any students between the ages of 3-21 who may reside within the district boundaries, attend a private or public school, and who may require special education services. A student with a physical, mental, emotional, medical or developmental disability should be evaluated to determine if he/she qualifies for special education programs or services.

If you have any knowledge of a student who may meet these criteria, and is not already receiving Special Education services, please contact Dr. Noreen Urso, Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services at 793-6130, ext. 4239.

Code of Conduct

The district has a Code of Conduct. Follow this link for the complete copy of the code or request one from your building principal.

School Safety

The District's comprehensive approach to school safety includes a balance of education, effective prevention and intervention, discipline, security and crisis prevention preparedness. The safety of our students and staff is paramount. The District has a District-Wide Safety plan, as well as individual building Emergency Response Plans that contain protocols to guide expeditious and effective responses to emergency situations. The District has worked closely with police, fire, EMS and government agencies to develop these plans. These plans were developed pursuant to the New York State Schools Against Violence in Education (S.A.V.E.) legislation.

Responsible behavior by students, staff, parents and other visitors is essential to achieving effective education for all students. The District has a long-standing set of expectations for conduct on school property and at school functions and the District is committed to maintaining high behavioral standards and expectations. District and building level Codes of Conduct clearly identify possible consequences of unacceptable conduct, and ensure that when discipline is necessary, it is administered promptly and fairly. Since school safety must be a shared responsibility among school, home and community, these Codes of Conduct were developed in collaboration with students, teachers, administrators and parents.

In addition, our counseling and health programs, student assistance services and anti-bullying programs promote good citizenship and character. These programs have been implemented to provide the prevention, intervention and crisis response that are the cornerstone of our school safety plan. Please contact your child's school for additional information.

Visitor Policy

In compliance with the S.A.V.E. schools legislation, all Eastchester Schools have a single point of entry. If the building is locked, visitors must request entry through the intercom/buzzer system. All visitors must sign in and may be asked to wear a visitors name tag. Unauthorized visitations are prohibited. As an additional safety feature, external and internal security cameras are mounted at all schools.


School districts are required by federal and state laws to provide certain notices to parents and students. The Eastchester School District makes this information available to parents and students in various ways.


New York State law requires physical and recommends dental examinations by a family physician for students in grades 2, 4, 7, and 10, as well as for new entrants. The forms are available in the Nurses office and will also be mailed home in the spring prior to the student's entrance into the required grade. They also can be found here. Registration of new students is conditioned upon providing proof of a medical examination (within the past year) and required immunizations.

Certificates of immunization are required for every student in Eastchester. Children must be immunized against polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps, German measles (rubella), varicella and Hep B. DTaP is the vaccine currently recommended for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Three doses of pertussis-containing vaccine are required for students 6 years of age or younger. One dose of Tdap is required for students 7 years of age or older who have not previously received 3 doses of DTaP. Students enrolling in grades 6 through 12 include students who are entering, repeating or transferring into grades 6 through 12 and students who are enrolling in grade-less classes and are the age equivalent or grades 6 through 12. Children ages 7-10 who have not been adequately vaccinated with DTP/DTaP, and for whom no contra-indications exist, should receive a single dose of Tdap. For a thorough list of New York State immunization requirements, click here.

The only exception to the immunization requirement is now medical. There is no regulation providing exclusion from vaccinations based on religious beliefs. All students must be vaccinated per NYS Education Department requirements prior to entering school. Please contact Dr. Noreen Urso at (914) 793-6130 ext. 4239 for more information.

Medication at School

If a child must receive medication at school, state law requires:

  • A note from a physician stating the child's name, date, name of medicine, dosage/time to be administered, and possible side effects.
  • A school form authorizing the school nurse to administer the medicine, signed by parent/guardian.
  • That an adult bring the medicine to school in its original container, labeled with the students name.

Forms student medication are available here.

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