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Coronavirus Information: Additional Educational Resources

Educational Websites


Elementary School Literacy  


1) Learning A-Z  https://www.learninga-z.com/site/lp2/covid19


In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Learning A-Z recognizes that many schools are moving to a virtual learning option. Your health and safety, along with the safety of your educators and families, are the most important things during these difficult times. Learning can continue outside of the classroom walls, and Learning A-Z wants to make sure students still have the opportunity to fill their hearts with the joy of reading. Learning A-Z subscriptions give your students full access to literacy resources from home or any place with an Internet connection.


Here is a quick refresher on how to access Parent Letters that explain how to log in to the Kids A-Z student portal from home: 


1) Go to the Parent Access page in Teacher Corner on Kids A-Z.

2) Log into your teacher account by clicking the Teacher link at the top right and entering your username and password.

3) Once redirected to the Parent Access page, you will see a Parent Letter section. Select the appropriate language.

4) This will automatically generate personalized login letters for each student you have rostered in your account.

5) Print the personalized login letters to send home with students. We are continuously adding helpful information and resources to this page to assist you as you prepare for moving to virtual learning. Please check back frequently in the coming week.


***In addition, LearningA-Z is also offering free access to Raz-Kids and Headsprout to schools that do not have these products. Educators, please register for a FREE subscription to Raz-Kids and/or Headsprout, valid through the end of the school year. 


2) Tumblebooks http://www.tumblebooks.com


3)  Into the Book http://www.reading.ecb.org 

Children practice reading strategies through games.


4) Storyline online http://www.storylineonline.net 

Movie stars read their favorite stories to kids.


5) Suessville   http://www.seussville.com 

Kids hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends while playing games and reading 


6) Flocabulary - ELA  http://www.flocabulary.com 

Middle School Resources


1) Classicly.com



2) DigiLibraries



3) FeedBooks



4) Gutenberg



5) ManyBooks



6) MagicKeys



7) Read.gov





1) Splashmath http:www.splashmath.com 

Math for Pre-k through 5 


2) Iknowit - Math for Pre-k through 5 iknowit.com


3) MobyMax http:www.mobymax.com


4) Zearn Math http://www.Zearn.org 


5) Study Island http//:www.studyisland.com 


Math and Literacy


1) IXL http://www.ixl.com Math and ELA

What it does: Allows kids to practice math and reading skills for students of all ages 

2) Starfall http://www.starfall.com

What it does: Students can practice their math and phonics skills with read-along stories. 


3) Fun Brain http://www.funbrain.com

What it does: Helps kids practice math and reading while playing games.


4) Education.com http://www.education.com

Free grade-specific resources, independent study packets and guided lessons for K-5


5) ABC YA abcya.com


6) PBS Kids www.pbs.org 

What it does: Kids can learn while hanging out with their favorite PBS characters. 


Science and Social Studies


1) Switcheroo Zoo http://www.switcheroozoo.com 

Helps students learn about animals by watching, listening and playing games. 


2) Nat Geo for Kids http:www.kids.nationalgeographic.com 

Students learn about geography and fascinating animals. 


3) Discovery Education - Science and Social Studies http://www.discoveryeducation.com 


4) Readtopia by Don Johnston is a comprehensive special Ed reading ELA social studies and science program. It's awesome! During this time, the company is letting people do an extended trial. You can contact Don Johnston or go to: https://myreadtopia.com


5) Reading Rocket  https://www.readingrockets.org   

Many great resources, activities including math and science 


6) Famous Museum Virtual tours https://hellogiggles.com/news/museums-with-virtual-tours/ 


7) Paris Museums Put 100,000 Images Online for Unrestricted Public Use https://kottke.org/20/01/paris-museums-put-100000-images-online-for-unrestricted-public-use 


8) National park virtual tours https://totallythebomb.com/heres-33-national-park-tours-you-can-take-virtually-from-the- comfort-of-your-home 


9) Highlights Kids https:www.highlightskids.com 

Allows kids to read, play games, learn random facts and do activities such as crafts and recipes. 


Websites Covering All Content Area


1) Brainpop, Brainpop Jr, and Brainpop ELL  https://www.brianpop.com

Engaging activities in all content areas. 


2) *Kahn Academy https://www.kahnacademy.org

Covers every major subject area grades k-12. Offers teachers resources, schedules for all grade levels, interactive content-exercises, videos, and articles in every major subject. 


3) Scholastic https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

Daily lessons and activities for all ages specifically for this time. 


4) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt https://www.hmhco.com/coronavirus

Providing free access to materials, lessons and activities 


5) Kahoot! https://www.kahoot.com

Free access during this time to all features to support distance learning in schools. 


6) EPforlearning: offering free access to curriculum aligned support for schools https//:www.epforlearning.com 


Language Lessons


1) Duolingo   https://www.Duolingo.com 

Study a foreign language 


Study Tools


1) Quizlet https://www.quizlet.com

 Study tools in all content areas 


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