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by Mary Ellen Byrne - Monday, January 22, 2018, 10:48 AM
Livia Meneghin, a 2011 Eastchester alum with a passion for karate, philosophy, and writing is publishing her first book of poetry, Honey in My Hair.

For an aspiring artist without a marketing budget, it's not easy to get published and heard. It would be inspiring to support one of our former students who shows so much character and promise. You can order a copy of her book here:

Poet Lauren Alleyne says of this volume, "In these sensuous, lyric poems, Livia Meneghin captures the marvel and mystery that is Greece. Each poem offers an invitation to the reader to shed her/his skin and enter the experience: 'Hear the vendor say, God must be Greek, / And believe him—if you can.' And always, transformation shimmers–a possibility, a dare, a sacrament– of the Aegean, dripping, like these poems, with kalos (beauty)."

Shared by EHS Teacher Jennifer Gavin