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EHS and AH Collaborative Lesson

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EHS and AH Collaborative Lesson
by Mary Ellen Byrne - Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 1:26 PM

EHS teacher Jean-Marie Woods-Ray, along with her student teacher Analisa Blanco, visted Diane Tedeschi’s third grade class at Anne Hutchinson to present a lesson on fossils.

The teachers collaborated on an activity about fossils to enhance the science unit on rocks and minerals. Fossils provide a valuable record of the plant and animal life and environmental conditions from millions, even billions of years ago.

Students were able to touch fossils that ranged in age from 180 million to 500 million years old. They then created their two different types of fossils of their own: molds and casts. They first made molds of various objects, such as shells, using play dough. They then filled the molds with plaster to create casts.

Also assisting in teaching the lesson were Anne Hutchinson teaching assistant Felicia Maldari and student teacher Justin Levis.AH lesson on fossils with EHS teacher