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Business Honor Society Induction

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Business Honor Society Induction
by Mary Ellen Byrne - Thursday, May 3, 2018, 10:24 AM

Eleven Eastchester High School students were inducted into the Lambda Alpha Beta Gamma chapter of the Business Honor Society on April 19. In order to be considered, students must take at least 3 high school credits of business classes, have a certain minimum GPA, submit a resume, and show evidence of volunteer work/community service.

This year’s initiates included: Joseph Calabro, Michael Cupo, Alyssa DiLeo, Victoria Fiteni, Enxhi Hajdarmataj, Allison LaValle, Zoe Leven, Dominick Mancuso, Ralph Medici, Adriano Policicchio, and Julia Tiso.

The ideals of the Society include
1. Truth- as measured by ethical actions of those within the corporate community.
2. Scholarship-the acquisition of knowledge and skill. Knowledge and wisdom are humankind’s most prized possessions.
3. Leadership- a commitment to lead by action, not only by words.
4. Cooperation- unselfishly serving others with sincerity.

Business education teachers Ms. Amy Schlamkowitz and Ms. Lauren Stipo organized the event that included Guest Speaker Michael Arvonio (EHS’13) and 2017 EHS inductees Matthew Capriglione and Declan Fay.

Business Honor Society Induction