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Going to the Greenhouse

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Going to the Greenhouse
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Sunday, September 30, 2018, 11:05 PM

Most children love to play in the dirt and kindergarten students at Waverly are no exception.

On Tuesday, many little hands kneaded through soil in Sara Mastocciolo’s class as the children planted Lima Beans.

“Inside the bean there is a plant that grows!” exclaimed Christopher Parisi as he fingered the dirt.

Nora Ritchie explained what she and her classmates were doing. “We got the soil and the beans. We are going to see if they grow.” Then the students followed Mrs. Mastocciolo and Teaching Assistant Toni Ann Varvaro to the greenhouse right in their classroom where they placed the flower pots.

“This project allows the students to become natural observers, “said Ms. Mastocciolo. They will water the plants and see how they develop.” The school acquired the greenhouse a few years ago through an Ed.Foundation grant.

The activity works in conjunction with Waverly’s Science 21 curriculum, a hands-on, project-based curriculum developed locally and regionally at the Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES. When the children study the lesson about plants in the spring, Ms. Mastocciolo said they will be prepared and “dig deep”.

Growing plants in their own greenhouse also teaches the students’ about responsibility – they need to water the plants and that responsibility is part of living in a community.

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