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Eastchester Appoints Supervisor of Humanities

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Eastchester Appoints Supervisor of Humanities
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 5:29 PM

Susan Chester, Director of HumanitiesYou only need to spend a few moments with Susan Chester and her passion for students and education shines through. She joined the Eastchester Union Free School District in July as the Supervisor of Humanities and immediately started reviewing the curriculum.

“I think it is really exciting that in the world where there is a focus on STEM that we are also concentrating on the humanities and how they impact the students’ lives,” said Ms. Chester during a recent interview. In this newly created role, she wants to preserve what’s already successful and see what adjustments can be made. “As the world changes and the needs of students change for college and career, we must be responsive and see where we can evolve.”

Ms. Chester supervises the English and Social Studies Departments at the Middle and High School and collaborates with all the elementary school teachers to develop ELA, literacy and social studies programs.

She has toured all the schools, participated in secondary department meetings, and met face-to-face with the elementary teachers. Each week she spends time in multiple classrooms, across the five district buildings.

“I see really passionate teachers,” Ms. Chester shared. She hopes to inspire them with her own enthusiasm. “I will roll up my sleeves and work with them and even develop specific lessons and assist them to implement the lessons if they choose.”

One of her goals is to ensure that teachers share what they are doing in the classroom with each other. “As a school district grows larger you want to understand the unifying forces. Not every teacher is doing the same on the same day but we are having conversations.”

Ms. Chester was a middle school social studies teacher for 19 years at the Hommocks Middle School in the Mamaroneck UFSD before joining the District. She earned a Master of Science in Education Leadership from Long Island University, a Master of Art in Social Studies Education from the University of South Florida, Tampa and her Bachelor of Art from Binghamton University.

She was named Outstanding Middle School Social Studies Teacher by the New York State Council for the Social Studies and the Westchester Lower Hudson Council for the Social Studies.

When she is not in the classroom, Ms. Chester enjoys traveling with her husband and teenage daughter. She also loves reading and is a member of a book club with friends.

Welcome Susan Chester.