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Caring For Others

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Caring For Others
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Saturday, October 13, 2018, 12:49 PM
Two cards

“I know that you are stronger than me and you should have more stamina every day. Good Luck.” Samia Washwell wrote these words of encouragement to a sick child at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Instead of playing during recess on Thursday, the fifth-grader at Anne Hutchinson and many of her classmates made these “Caring Cards.”

Students drew hearts and other pictures with markers on construction paper and the handmade messages will be delivered to patients.

Working on their cards“When these kids are sick in the hospital this helps cure them,” said Melina Kokkalas. “I know they are going through a tough time and making these cards also makes me feel good too.”

The students are members of the school’s student council moderated by Felicia Maldari and Bobbi Iacovelli. For several years now the school has partnered with the Loukoumi Make A Difference Foundation as a way for students to give back to their community and “Caring Cards” is one of their activities.

Card that cares“The children are really dedicated. Many of them are real leaders and I am so proud of them,” commented Maldari as the students collected their markers and handed in their cards at the end of recess.

Students are also accepting $1 donations for the hospital as part of this project.

Sahil Baghari hopes his card will brighten someone’s day. “I really feel bad for them because they cannot come out for months or years. I am making a card so they feel better.”

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