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Staying Curious

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Staying Curious
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 9:25 PM

Jan ReynoldsClimbing mountains in China, flying a hot air balloon over Mt. Everest, traveling alone through the Himalayas and Sahara Desert.

Jan Reynolds has done it all and today the former US Biathlon Team member, photographer and author shared her love for adventure and the world with sixth-graders from Eastchester Middle School.

Jan Reynolds and Nancy Brown"Stay curious.  I think that is what broadens people's awareness. My theme is always explore," said Reynolds after presenting a video of her travels and experiences to the students.

Reynolds, who has authored nearly twenty books and photographed some of nature's wonders, doesn't expect all of Eastchester's children to climb Mt. Everest but she had some sound advice, "Sometimes it is uncomfortable to put yourself in the adventure zone but it might be going into a different neighborhood, trying a new food or learning a new language."

Growing up on a dairy farm in Vermont provided Reynolds with the perfect opportunity to roam and explore. She trained with a national ski team in high school and after graduating from the University in Vermont, she joined the U.S Biathlon team.

Jan Reynolds with studentsThe list of her accomplishments seems never ending: three-time Mountain Man triathlon champion, the only female member of the expedition to circumnavigate Mt. Everest, setting a world record when Reynolds climbed up and skied down a 25,000' mountain in China.

After an injury Reynolds decided, "Meeting people was more exciting than breaking records."

She has traveled the world learning about the cultures of indigenous people. "We might look different but we are much more alike that different," commented Reynolds.

Eastchester School librarians coordinated Reynold's visit that was funded by the Eastchester School Foundation.

The students were taken aback when they learned that Reynolds had eaten snakes but sixth-grader Chase Palumbo is awe struck. "I never thought I would meet anyone who had done these things. Now I want to go to these places and see them for myself."

Alexandria D'Ambrosio already read one of Reynolds books and can't wait to devour more. "I think it was amazing to hear about the different cultures and that people share different traditions."