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Science and Nature

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Science and Nature
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Saturday, October 27, 2018, 9:12 PM

Students working - click for larger imageJoseph Garba, Catherine Donovan and Ella Mazzone kneaded clay in their hands as their teammates Kaya Nolan and Adi Rajil did some more research for their STEM project.

The sixth-graders are studying the concept of Biomimicry, where they use an idea from nature and apply it to a problem.

Students presenting - click for larger image“The puffer fish takes in water and we using that idea to make a water filtration plant that will bring in water in and then filter it out,” explained Donovan.

The students research with teacher John Blaser and then go into the classroom next door to build with Tom Boissonnault. The two paired up about four years ago.

“It is the best way to teach,” said Boissonnault. “This draws on their strengths allowing them to be creative. The students come up with the idea and we watch it develop.”

Boissonnault said the concept of biomimicry can be seen in hospitals where more germ-free surfaces have been developed and high speed trains mimic the beaks on birds.