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Math Honor Society Induction Ceremony

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Math Honor Society Induction Ceremony
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Sunday, November 25, 2018, 11:10 PM
Speaking at the Math Honor Society Induction

"When will we use the quadratic formula in everyday life?" It is a question that many students ask as they study challenging topics in math.

It is a question that Eastchester High School Math Department Chairman Larry Ellis answered Monday night as he inducted 21 seniors into the New York State Math Honor Society.

"An education in math is extremely valuable," said Ellis. "You have proven that you already know how to deal with adversity; maybe it was a proof in trigonometry? This is a skill that you will take with you all of your life."

The new inductees received a certificate and pin as they were inducted and each student spoke about their affinity and commitment to mathematics.

The Inductees"When something clicks in my head, I get a sense of accomplishment," said senior Danielle Casey.

Elona Nasser enrolled in two math courses during her freshman and junior years to get ahead.  Studying advanced placement statistics wasn’t always easy, still Nasser earned a four on the AP exam.

"My family supported me and pushed me. It was such a great feeling that all the hard work paid off."

To qualify for the Math Honor Society Students must have an overall non-weighted average of 85% and

90% in their mathematics courses. Students are required to tutor math prior to being inducted and them once they are a member.

Thank you to all the math department instructors and advisor Donna Barbara for preparing the students for this event.

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