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The New Kid

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The New Kid
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 9:54 PM

3 PerformersAnyone who has ever been the new kid in school knows how hard fitting in can be. With peer pressure coming from just about every direction, making friends and feeling comfortable doesn't always come easy.

Eastchester Middle School sixth-graders faced these issues head on in a non-threatening way Friday, November 30th, when the musical, "The New Kid", came to their school.

The show produced by Random Farms Kid Theater tells the story of a boy who moves to a new school and is pulled in all directions from the Gangsta Squad and the Mod Squad – all to be cool.

DancingEastchester Middle School seventh-grader Caitlyn Kops plays one of the lead roles.

"It is really important to get the message out to people that it feels good to be kind," said Kops. "It is important to let them know about the issues that are happening."

Middle School Principal Josh Elder said "The New Kid" supports the schools' overall curriculum of social and emotional wellness.

Before the show started he told the students, "We pride ourselves in being caring and empathetic. We want you to be good students and equally good people."

By the end of "The New Kid", all the children work together and understand that they need to be true to themselves advice the producers want all students to take home.

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