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The Hot Spot

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The Hot Spot
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Sunday, December 9, 2018, 1:04 AM
Student with project

The world is filled with all kinds of mysteries to unravel and fifth-graders at Greenvale are part of that exploration as they study nature and animals.

Their science research project called, "Hot Spot Project", puts them in the hot seat as they present their findings to the class.

Since October, the students have been examining different topics: endangered and threatened species, environmental issues like global warming and acid rain, and weather-related topics like hurricanes and tornadoes. Students are creating poster boards and presenting their findings to their classmates.

Student with projectAnnabelle Rohr decided to study the Komodo dragon after she saw a picture of the reptile. "It was cool," said Rohr. She was intrigued that the Komodo dragon eats other animals. "But humans can actually pet them and help them," she said.

Teacher Joseph DeCrenza discusses the project weekly with his class and the students use websites and books to learn more about their topic.

"This is a science research project but it also assists the students with public speaking and Language Arts. They often discuss what they are doing with their families who become involved," said DeCrenza.

Aiden Han researched the Giant Panda. "I like pandas because they look cuddly, but they really are not."  He said he enjoys this project. "It is fun to learn facts because you don’t know what you are going to do when you get older."

Students ask questions during the presentations and write essays about what they have learned. The project will continue throughout the school year. 

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