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Riding with a Message

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Riding with a Message
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Thursday, January 3, 2019, 12:56 PM

Biker and fansYou could feel the excitement and electricity in the air as motivational speaker and bicycle stuntman Chris Poulos prepared to complete his final exploit of the day at Eastchester Middle School.

Poulos mounted his bike and jumped over Assistant Principal Madelin LoBue, and teachers Mary Kate Martucci and Amanda Carlson as they laid on the gym floor. The crowd cheered enthusiastically!

On bikeHe spreads his message of living a positive life in a very unique way, riding his bicycle and sharing stories from his own childhood with young people from elementary schools through college.

On December 21, Poulos spoke with sixth and seventh-graders in Eastchester before the holiday break. “It energizes me,” said Poulos. “They like what I do and I give them an affirming message that reinforces what they learn in school, and I have fun.”

Picture of bikermanPoulos won 85 worldwide competitions including the National Bicycle Stunt Championships in the United States in 1990 and 1991 but he is best known for earning the 1991 Bicycle Stunt World Championship in Denmark at age 20.   

A year later, he suddenly retired from the sport, returned to school and graduated with honors from the University of Rhode Island where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education.

He returned to bicycle stunt riding with a passion to help others and with this mantra. “Treat people better than you want to be treated and you will earn respect. Others will want to be around you,” he said.