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Superintendent’s Student Council

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Superintendent’s Student Council
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Saturday, January 12, 2019, 4:59 PM

Superintendent's CouncilIt's not uncommon for high school students to gather together at lunch and talk about what they enjoy doing with their friends at school. What you might find surprising, is that once a month, a group of students meet with School Superintendent Dr. Walter Moran to share those thoughts and devise ways to foster change.

The Superintendent's Council is in its third year in the Eastchester School District with freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors all playing equal roles. Students who were interested in joining the council filled out an application to participate for the school year and were selected by Dr. Moran. They represent a broad student body.

"I want to help the school community and create positive opportunities for others," said junior Beatrice Norton.

The council watches a brief video at the beginning of each 80 minute session that focuses on a particular ideal or concept, for example, resilience. The group then discusses how this word relates to the tasks ahead.

Superintendent's CouncilEach member has a project that he or she develops that would enhance the District. Creating new clubs and courses and constructing ways to improve learning are among their ideas.

Norton and fellow council member Laura DeLeon would like to create a STEM Club at Eastchester High School so students can continue their love of science outside the classroom. "We could have more fun with experiments, study many sciences and take part in more in depth labs and STEM projects," said DeLeon.

Dr. Moran offers guidance and encouragement to the students and they discuss possible pitfalls that they could encounter with the goal to be resilient.

Superintendent's Council"Ordinary people, living ordinary lives face challenges but inability can stop you in your path. But remember," said Dr. Moran, "do not feel that you have to go it alone."

The 2018-2019 Superintendent Student Council members: Avery Joyce, Rocco Luciano, Sophia Magann, Anthony Naploli, Matthew Sinanis, Ana Wirengard, Laura De Leon, Nicole Disanto, Louis Gentile, Anna Racioppo, Isabella Rizzo, John Paul Roche, Kyoko Saito, Bailey Hunn, Beatrice Norton, Patrick O'Sullivan, Toni Cristiano, Victoria Fiteni, Julia Quetell.