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History Museum
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Friday, February 15, 2019, 3:00 PM

Egyptian artJake Stevenson held up a replica of a brick from the Great Wall of China and explained how it exemplifies the Han Dynasty.

"The Great Wall of China was constantly being built, expanded and mended. It represented the rise of China's might because it needed to protect its trade and it was breeched during the fall of China."

Samples of Egyptian ArtMaryann Cusano's ninth-grade Global Honors class have turned the Eastchester Middle/High School library into a history museum. The brick is just one of many items that you will find.  Students created masks, maps, buildings and diagrams of language systems.

All the artifacts represent their study: The Rise, Height and Fall of Classical Empires throughout history.

The students investigated the Roman Empire, Gupta Empire in India, The Persian Empire and the Han Empire in China.

While studying the Roman Empire, the group made an association between the laws we have today and what was created so very long ago.

More art"We learned how history repeats itself and it is interesting to see how far the human race has come with technology and advancements," said Madyson Diaz.

Cusano first presented the assignment to the students as a contest. Each group took other students on a tour through their display and discussed his or her dynasty.

The project teaches about cultural differences and how cultures interacted with each other through history.