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Author Shares His Spirit of Adventure

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Author Shares His Spirit of Adventure
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Monday, March 25, 2019, 9:25 AM

“We take off our boots, we roll up our pants, we step into the Amazon.” This is just the beginning of one adventure that author Peter Lourie shared with Greenvale students.

Lourie spent three days during the week of March 10, with third and fifth-graders sharing stories of adventure and lessons the students could use in their own writing.

“It’s all about getting them inspired about traveling, other cultures, languages, and being curious and enthusiastic about the real world instead of just the virtual word,“ said Lourie. “With any luck, they will want to explore new topics and express them in some way.”

Lourie traveled the jungles of Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Panama, Peru, and Africa. In addition to writing books for children and adults, he teaches Adventure Writing & Digital Storytelling at Middlebury College in Vermont. His excitements for discovery rubbed off on the students.

“I wish I could do what he does,” said fifth-grader Thomas O’Leary who read one of Lourie’s books a few years ago. “His adventures, are so exciting and he converts everything he does into writing.”

Classmate Samuel Frederick agreed. “What struck me is the most was all the things that he went through to make the books and what he learned going along.”

Lourie also explained to students that the best writing is detailed writing and suggested ways they can explore a topic by observing the world around them and researching on line and in books.

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