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Cupcake Wars and Dancing With OUR Stars

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Cupcake Wars and Dancing With OUR Stars
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 2:37 PM

Students and faculty members decorated cupcakes that pleased every taste-bud and performed dance routines that got everyone moving during The 9th annual Cupcake Wars and the 13th annual Dancing With Our Stars.

The event held on April 26, showcased the many talents of the Eastchester School District while hi-lighting the theme, “Dancing Through the Decades.”  

Unique cupcakes depicting many eras filled the old gym at Eastchester High School with displays that included: The Golden Girls, Breakfast Bunch, The 70’s, Tie Die Disco and Sweete Shoppe.

Italy: Through the Years, paid tribute to Spanish and Italian teacher Lina Astarita who has been organizing the event from the beginning and is retiring. These treats designed by Adele Lotto and Josephine Logan included photos of Ms. Astarita on each one.

Professional judges Tina Zaccardi, EHS Class of ’80 – Winner of “The Great American Baking Show” and Anna Larkin EHS, Class of ’07 – Winner of “Bakers and Fakers” critiqued the cupcakes for taste and originality.

“This is so much fun and I am honored to be a part of it and coming back to the school,” said Zaccardi as she sat down to judge. “I am happy to do this for Lina - and it is going to be very hard!”  Zaccardi went into the financial field after college but she shares her talent and love for baking on her site, Tina Zaccardi: The Italian Cookie.

Larkin who works as a nurse studied Chemistry in College. She sees the connection between sciences and baking.  A self-proclaimed foodie, she said, “I love cooking!  I’m very critical but I appreciate food and I know how hard they have worked.” You can see what Anna cooks up on @annas_sweets.

After audience members chose the cupcakes they wanted to bring home, they were entertained by talented students and faculty members. EHS alum and Broadway dancer Rob Coglitore EHS ’08 served as one of the judges.

All proceeds from the night will be donated to Gilda’s Club and Play for 10.

Cupcake Winners - Crowd Favorites:

Helen Cahill: Hola Tres Leches”, Elena Fliszary, Isabella Rizzo, Danny Orlando, Ava Palladino – “CupShakes”

Best Dressed: Rebecca Brooks/Allison DeMarco - Ice Cream Parlor


First Place Winner: Helen Cahill - “Hola Tres Leches”

Second Place Winner: Joanne DiMase - “Raspberry Lemonade Delights”

Third Place Winner: Josephine Logan/Adele Lotto - “Italy through the Years”


First Place Winners: Rebecca Brooks/Allison DeMarco - “Ice Cream Parlor”

Second Place Winners: Saba Hassani, Krenare Tahiri, Valerie Diaz, Mikela Piniqi, Noela Piniq - “Sweet Shoppe”

Third Place Winners:  Alessandra Aliberti, Izzy Michilli -The 70’s”

2019 Dancing with “Our” Stars

First Place Winners: Nicolette Mancini and Annie Rasetina

Second Place Winners: Amy & Joseph Cartolano

Third Place Winner:  Ora Kalaj and Rita Kalaj

Most Inspirational/ Crowd Favorites: Nora Flynn’s Stars

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