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Students As Engineers

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Students As Engineers
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 1:04 PM

StudentIt started from one 10 inch cereal box, but Sofia Patterson, Siena Giaquinto, and Abigail Tucker transformed this everyday object into a skyscraper that reached the ceiling of their third floor classroom at Greenvale.

ProjectStudents throughout the school designed and built golf courses, houses, roller coasters and games out of materials like cardboard, paper clips, boxes and cups.

On May 6, the entire Greenvale community participated in the Global Day of Design where students were presented with a Makerspace challenge or problem, created a prototype, and solved problems. More than 100,000 students from four continents took part in the event last year.

Students working on projectTeacher Brian Bernarducci inspired the school to play a role for the first time. “This gives the students the opportunity to explore and experience many different concepts that we have been involved in during the year. Global Day of Design also allows the students to have a growth mindset; if I don’t get to the end product I want, then I re-adjust.”

Students learned that they needed to start small and bring the thoughts from all team members into the process in order to follow the best plan of action.

Fifth grade students Annie McLoughlin, Matthew Battista and Nicholas Siciliano designed a basketball game using plastic cups, plastic spoons and cardboard. The students had to determine how high to place the cups and the best angle for each game piece.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Global Day of Design you can go to the website

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