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Social Skills Ceremony

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Social Skills Ceremony
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Thursday, May 30, 2019, 10:47 AM

Social SkillsAquilla Davis-Reyes described this school year as an emotional roller coaster for her 10 year-old daughter Adalena who missed school due to an illness. Davis-Reyes said the Social Skills Mentoring Program at Anne Hutchinson helped the family endure.

“Many parents do not realize this program helps the children make friends outside of school. It really does help.” While her daughter was recovering, the friends she made through the program called her and visited her. “They helped her thrive,” she said.

During their recess period, general education students play and form new friendships with students in the Social Skills program. On May 17, fourth and fifth grade participants received certificates and shared their perceptions of the program with their families.

“Everyone that I have played with has become amazing friends,” said Jackson Rose. “I have made new friends in this program and they are still my friends today,” remarked Ryan Geagan.

The program fosters social skills development for the children with special needs and allows all of the children to learn the values of kindness and caring.

Colette Donato and Lisa Knapp coordinate the program for the District.

After the ceremony, students and their families enjoyed a reception outside.

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