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French Honor Society Induction

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French Honor Society Induction
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Thursday, May 30, 2019, 10:44 AM

Inductees for the French Honor SocietyMembers of the French Honor Society welcomed four new members on May 17 during a ceremony that was conducted in both the French and English languages.

“French culture is very diverse, interesting and important to me,” said Honor Society members Catherine Froehlich. “I hope they will continue to learn and appreciate this beautiful language.”

Student receiving awardThe inductees have shown a passion for the French language and excellence in their study of grammar, vocabulary and culture.

The new inductees are: Rico-ian Banting, Michael Fang, Julia Moser and Kyoko Saito.

During the ceremony, National French Contest winners also received medals.

Level II: Alessandra Angiello and Riley Keating Gold Award

Level III: Rico-ian Banting Gold Award, Julia Moser Silver Award, Kyoko Saito Bronze Award, Michael Fang and Irati Mombiela Chung Honorable Mention

Level V: Ashley Tang Bronze Award, Catherine Froehlich Honorable Mention

Thank you to French Honor Society Advisor Laura Marcoccia for guiding the students.

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