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Advanced Science Research Symposium

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Advanced Science Research Symposium
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Monday, June 17, 2019, 9:17 AM

Parents admiring student workEastchester High School students enrolled in the Advanced Science Research Program presented their work to the community on June 4 during the Advanced Science Research Symposium.

The ASR program allows students to choose a topic of their interest and then become experts through research. The students learn the vocabulary associated with the project, search for information, study current research and contact a mentor as they prepare to present their findings during competitions.

Dr. MoranSome of the projects this year included: The Relationship between the Risk of Mental Illness, Familial Relationship, and Perfection in High-Achieving High School Students; A Comprehensive Comparison of Galaxy Morphology and Star Formation; The Effect of Calcium on the Self-Healing Properties of Concrete; Survival Time Analysis Based on Size: Canines with Cancer.

42 freshman will join the program next year and will work with ASR Coordinator Christian Gorycki.