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Anne Hutch Science Fair

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Anne Hutch Science Fair
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Thursday, June 20, 2019, 1:47 PM

Student displaying Science ProjectHave you ever wondered why things happen?

Fifth-graders from Anne Hutchinson put their curiosity to the test as they completed their science fair projects this week.

Science FairThe students chose a variety of topics that included music and your heart rate, the impact of video games and stress and how the mass of a bat affects a baseball. They also asked questions. Does the temperature of water make a plant grow better? What does soda do to your teeth? They studied the themes using the scientific method where they observed, explored and experimented with the world around them.

Gianna Simonette wanted to find out which fruit molds faster. She placed fruit in a refrigerator for two weeks and her hypothesis was correct – the berries perished more quickly than others.

The fifth-graders said they enjoyed presenting their research to the younger students who might have similar questions and to the parents who visited Anne Hutchinson on June 13.

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