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Moving Up and Graduation Photos

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Moving Up and Graduation Photos
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Monday, July 1, 2019, 4:39 PM

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Greenvale Moving Up Ceremony:

Greenvale fifth-graders reached a milestone Wednesday Night as they moved up to Eastchester Middle School.

The students stood proudly on stage and received their certificates, the tangible sign that they are starting a new chapter in their lives.

Principal Darrel Stinchcomb, who started at Greenvale when the children were second-graders, choked up as he spoke about the transition he has observed this year. “You had grown up and now you were no longer the babies in the building, but had actually become the old folks. You were preparing to leave me.”

Students also reminisced about their elementary school years and recited a poem that hi-lighted events and memories.

School Superintendent Dr. Walter Moran congratulated the fifth-graders and thanked their families for their encouragement, love and support. He told them Greenvale provided them with a strong foundation for the years ahead at Eastchester Middle School.

At the end of the ceremony, the fifth-graders walked off the stage to applause and cheers.

Anne Hutchinson Moving Up Ceremony:

Fifth-graders remembered Anne Hutchinson as a kind place where their teachers helped them and where they made friends.

The students recalled these sentiments during their Moving Up Ceremony on June 21, where they shared memories and looked forward to attending Eastchester Middle School.

Principal Dr. Annette Keane praised the students for embodying the H.E.A.R.T. Program – Helping Others, Engaging in Learning, Acting Responsibly, Respecting People and Property and Taking Safety Seriously. Dr. Keane said they acted as role models for the younger students spearheading the Good Deed of the Month and serving the community.

As the fifth-graders move on to EMS, Dr. Keane offered them this advice, remember who you are, especially when confronted with important choices. “Each one of you is so bright in your own way, embrace the kind of intelligence or special expertise that is unique to you and don’t be afraid to shine in middle school. Remember who you are and continue to take your school work seriously, and perhaps most importantly, continue to read widely across different genres as much as you can, in and out of school.”

EMS Moving up Ceremony

When approximately 250 Eastchester Middle School students processed into the gymnasium on June 25 for their Moving Up Ceremony, they felt accomplished.

They completed three years of academics, character education, athletics and the arts, but Principal Josh Elder explained that they prepared for something bigger.

For some students, the three years flew by quickly, for others time seemed to barely move at all. “The thing is this, in the eighth grade, time is the only constant we have in life. How you use it and who you choose to use it with - that is called life,” said Elder.

Eighth-grader Ava Grace Battista addressed her class and said none of this would have been possible without the support of peers, teachers and most of all families. “We came into this school without knowing what the future held but most of us were ready to take on the challenge. We have had our ups and downs, each day bringing a new adventures, creating new memories and friendships and new aspirations.”

School Superintendent Dr. Walter Moran, who served as EMS Principal for 13 years compared the middle school stage to butterflies growing in a cocoon. It may be a stage that no one wants to revisit, but is vital to development and the benefits should not be overlooked. “Middle schoolers possess remarkable enthusiasm and vigor. To experience this every day in your career is the ultimate privilege. ”


EHS Graduation - Soaring Into The Future

A sense of excitement and for some even a little trepidation, filled the air as the Eastchester High School Class of 2019 joined together for the last time as a group.

On June 26, the senior class donned caps and gowns and processed to Pomp and Circumstance and then received their high school diplomas. They looked back on the years spent together and contemplated what lies ahead.

The Eastchester campus grew and expanded over the years and this class also developed and matured over time.

Valedictorian James Fong compared the journey in Eastchester with Lego blocks, each experience building upon another. Now, there are no instructions. “There is no set path in front of us. From this point on, our lives will diverge in ways that we can’t even imagine,” said Fong. “Let us keep learning and keep building ourselves beyond our limits. Wherever we end up one thing will be the same for all of us, anytime we pull back the layers of our sculptures, our foundation will always be pieces that we gathered at Eastchester High School.”

Principal Dr. Jeffrey Capuano expounded on this theme and encouraged the graduates to start their new lives with a plan, to work with a team, to start with a strong foundation and to incorporate windows to look outward and assist others. He warned them, as in any construction project, it won’t always be easy. “There is mess, there is noise. So too with life. If something is worth doing, it may require significant work.” When Salutatorian Juliet Liao spoke to the class, she reflected upon the support she gained from teachers, peers and her family and the necessity for perseverance. “Among the sweat and the occasional tears, I finally saw moments of achievement and laughter with other people, which are some of the best parts. Realizing what is my happiness now and how I arrived at my current place in life has helped me release unnecessary stresses and created new memorable experiences that I will always cherish.” There were poignant moments throughout the ceremony when Class of 2019 President Nicholas LoParrino and Eastchester Government President Miranda DeLeon reflected on the bonds of friendship that were formed and solidified over the past four years.

Musical interludes from the Concert Choir and the Eastchester High School band sustained the nostalgic mood that suited such a bittersweet occasion and students took time to thank their families and recognized faculty members and School Superintendent Dr. Walter Moran who are retiring from the district.

Dr. Moran posed this question to the graduates, “What is east of Eastchester?”

No two answers may be alike but Dr. Moran noted, “It will include new friendships and new insights and a reflection certainly of your past achievements and accomplishments that are broadening whom you are today and the promise of what you will become tomorrow. What is east of Eastchester? Mountains to climb, seas to be traversed beauties to uphold, all the stories yet written and told.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2019…follow your dreams and soar to excellence.