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First Day!

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First Day!
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 9:11 AM

Nothing quite matches the excitement of the first day of school. New backpacks, new supplies and new adventures awaited Eastchester students who returned to their classes on Sept. 3.

Families stood outside the elementary schools excited and a little nervous about what the year might bring.

Students in Laurie Pesce’s second grade class at Greenvale each received a brown bag filled with surprises! Mechanical pencils, a snack, a red pen and other items they will use as the year progresses.

She also read a story called, I Don’t Want to Go Back to School, by Marisabina Russo, to ease any uncertainties the children may feel. The story features a second-grade student named Ben who overcomes his fears on the first day.

Older students made the transition to Eastchester Middle School and High School meeting new teachers as they accepted new responsibilities.

Eastchester School Superintendent Dr. Robert Glass visited the schools.

“It was an honor to see the wonder in our students’ eyes as they came to school full hopes and expectations!” said Dr. Glass. “Our staff has been working hard to make sure everything is ready. We are here for our students and families, and are excited to begin this year's learning adventure!”

Welcome back students and families!