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Google Educator
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Saturday, September 14, 2019, 4:32 PM

Congratulations to Greenvale third grade teacher Natalie Malone who completed Google training this summer and has achieved the distinction of Level 2 Educator.

Malone started digging deeper into Google four years ago when she attended a Google Bootcamp. She then enrolled in the Google Fellowship program offered by the Eastchester School District two years ago where she and other faculty members learned more about what Google offers.

Malone knew that the Eastchester School District was transitioning to a Google platform. “I wanted to make sure I understood how it worked and I enjoy computers.”

She completed a program at home during the summer of 2018 to become a Level 1 Educator. That course teaches the philosophy of Google with a focus on collaboration and knowledge of how its tools work.

This summer, Malone attended a class at SWBOCES to discover more. “My goal was to have a solid understanding of Google,” said Malone. “I feel like the summer is a really good time for teachers to catch up on some of the behind the scenes work.”

She already uses Google Classroom to streamline how her young students search the internet and utilizes the Epic digital library. Another application, Screencastify allows her students to create videos for slide presentations that Malone uploaded to Google classroom.

“The fact that third-graders are able to help each other is amazing,” she said.

Malone’s goal this year is to improve how students can further benefit from Google classroom.