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by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Sunday, September 22, 2019, 11:00 AM

Students engaged in Maker Space activitiesFourth-graders at Greenvale twisted, twirled and tied pipe cleaners together on September 19, to build a free-standing tower. Before the students started the activity, teacher Toni Gamils told the class, “You may think this is easy, but it not.”

The Makerspace Project teaches the students about collaboration, communication and perseverance.

Classroom photo of Maker SpaceEach team drew a design and then started constructing. They were soon told that they could only use one hand to complete their tower and when they were allowed to use both arms again, they couldn’t speak. The students motioned to each other and wrote down directions.

At first, some of the towers fell down and the student-engineers started over or made adjustments to their structures. You could see on their faces how serious they became when time started running out.  

Students using trial and error to accomplish a taskMany of the groups revised their plan as they worked. “We had to add a really big base to balance it,” said Gianna DiArco.

A group of four students who named their team, “The Best Builders” created the tallest pipe cleaner tower standing 24 inches tall. Their strategy represented teamwork.  “We all wrote down what we wanted to build and then we made one project,” said Daniel Lucente.

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