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Student Sculpture

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Student Sculpture
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 5:36 PM

Students working on sculptureProductivity abounds in Patrick Perry's Introductory Sculpture Class at Eastchester High School.  This elective art class, open to any sophomore, junior or senior, provides students with the opportunity to explore materials and processes within the field.  Students are currently working on a Henry Moore inspired plaster sculpture.

Students learn to properly mix plaster, pour it into a flexible mold and carve the hardened material using a variety of tools called rasps.

Teacher, Mr. Perry"I try to give my students a rich experience working with a variety of sculptural materials that include wood, plastic and cardboard. They learn direct sculpting techniques that are centuries old.  Material exploration is the most important aspect of an introductory class.  My hope is that they find a material that speaks to them and that they are inspired to take it beyond the classroom assignment."

With two assignments already completed this year, students are actively engaged in the process. Junior Andrew Ferrara said, "I like creating, building something out of nothing." 

One of those projects included wall art inspired by artist Louise Nevelson. Students assembled a variety of small wooden boxes to create one sizeable dynamic piece.

The students' first project employed repetition of the humble toothpick. The display is currently outside the main office of the High School.

Sophomore Alessandra Michienzi glued her toothpicks together to form the letter 'A' that fanned out into a feather. "I like the way it turned out and took shape," she said. "I could spend all day in this class. It is so peaceful."

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