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Pumpkin Picking

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Pumpkin Picking
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Saturday, October 12, 2019, 10:20 AM

Student with pumpkinAs Nora Flynn's students walked through Nature's Cradle on Mill Road, they enjoyed the fresh fall air and the excitement of picking just the right pumpkin.

The trip outside the classroom in early October reinforced valuable lessons taught in the Mrs. Flynn's class.

Students raised the money to buy the pumpkins from selling raffles at their Café on Oct. 4. They put their math skills to good use when they calculated how much money they could each spend on a pumpkin.

Then as they walked through the neighborhood, their teacher and teaching assistants reminded them about safety. Students stopped and looked both ways before they crossed each street.

The challenge of the day – choosing a perfect pumpkin from the vast display!

The class weighed their pumpkins, paid for them and then counted their change. They took their spoils back to school and waited excitedly to bring their pumpkins home.

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