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Bucket Fillers

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Bucket Fillers
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 1:19 PM

Students working on Bucket FillersAnne Hutchinson students are bucket fillers, not bucket dippers.

Throughout September, the students wrote positive notes to each other and Lisa Cartolano's fourth-grade class placed those notes in small buckets.

Ms. Cartolano's fourth-grade classWhen the students read them, you could see smiles on their faces. "I felt happy because it is nice tothink that everyone likes you and that people say nice things about you," said student Georgia Cesarini.

She also discovered, "When you write a note, it brightens up someone's day."

The entire school read the book, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud, which focuses on the themes of giving, caring and sharing. In the story, everyone walks around with an invisible bucket that can only be filled with acts of love and kindness.

During one recent class, students wrote more notes while listening to a song about bucket filling. "It felt good. Someone was kind," noted Nora Ademaj.

Students in Ms. Cartolano's class read several more stories in the series. The fourth-graders also created

their own book, where they wrote a word or phrase based on a letter of the alphabet. For example, "F" for feeling fantastic while being friendly.

The students were surprised when they returned to school after the Anne Hutchinson Open House and found notes from their parents.

"The concept can be carried throughout the whole year," explained Cartolano. "It is important for the students to think about the impact that they have on others and how it feels to be positive."

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