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Math Honor Society Induction Ceremony

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Math Honor Society Induction Ceremony
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Thursday, November 21, 2019, 8:58 AM

Distributing AwardsEastchester High School seniors shared the triumphs and trials that they have experienced studying mathematics as they were inducted into the New York State Math Honor Society.

On Nov. 19, thirty seniors received pins and certificates to welcome them into the organization.

Award winnersMath did not come easily to all the students, and the inductees encountered some bumps along the way that taught them to persevere.

The new members tutored their peers in junior year and were required to earn an overall GPA of at least 85 percent and a minimum of 90 percent in their math classes to be inducted.

The Math Honor Society seeks to recognize students for their accomplishments, enhance the knowledge and understanding of mathematics, create enthusiasm for math in-and-out of the classroom, encourage mathematical service and inspire students to pursue careers in math-related fields.

“Math is a mystery. It is a beautiful, complex, dark, ugly mystery,” explained senior Juliana Dedomenico, who said she faced her first math challenge studying Calculus. “Math is layer after layer after layer, making hidden connections, finding different puzzle pieces and adding new pieces to the puzzle.”

Alex Siegel described math as complex and mysterious and enjoys its connections with science. He advised students who might be struggling to seek help. “There is always another way to look at a problem and find someone who can explain it to you.”

Eastchester High School Principal Dr. Jeffrey Capuano, Director of STEM K-12, Jarrod Blair, Math Honor Society Advisor Donna Barbara and math instructor Larry Ellis attended the ceremony.

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