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National Honor Society Induction

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National Honor Society Induction
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Friday, December 6, 2019, 9:49 AM

Eastchester National Honor Society InducteesSixty-five Eastchester High School seniors participated in the traditional candle lighting ceremony on Dec. 4, as they joined they were inducted into the Eastchester chapter of The National Honor Society.

Candle lighting ceremony The NHS recognizes outstanding high school students for their academic achievements and service to the community.

Each new member took an oath and pledged to continue their commitment to scholarship, service, leadership and character.

NHS Advisor Julie Meyers welcomed the students and congratulated them for their excellence. The new members met rigorous academic requirements and committed to tutor a minimum of nine hours over the course of the school year.  Tutors are available at the drop-in tutoring center, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 pm in the High School Library Classroom.

Congratulations to following inductees:

Junko Abe, Rebecca Boyd, Rebecca Brooks, Dean Calby, Alya Campbell, Amy Caminero, Elizabeth Caminiti, Caroline Capuano, Amy Cartolano, Angelo Casale, Sofia Chaves-Caetano, Haris Choudhary, Sophia Crowley, Catherine Delano, Thomas Dell’Aera, Allison DeMarco, Elias Dube, Catherine Dwyer, Christiana Faustini, Mario Faustini, Ciara Fay, Anthony Fernandez, Angelique Flores, Sydney Gallo, Jenna Ginsburg, Isabella Graziano, Laura Grogan, Samuel Henderson, Grace Holzberg, Bailey Hunn, Jimin Hwang, Emma Kops, Amy Leven, Paige Leven, Nicole Liao, Noreen Mayat, Michael McGuinn, Sofia Mottura, Emily Murtha, Enzali Myint, Lauren Naclerio, Beatrice Norton, Gabriela Nurzia, Kenji Okura, Yuki Orita, Tshering Pelden, Shannon Pepper, Paul Roland, Ashley Scalisi, Sinclair Schroko, Hailey Sidari, Alex Siegel, Madeline Smith, Alexander Suarez, Austin Summer, Zachary Thomas, Donovan Thompson, Ruby Tower, Maho Toyomura, Thea Trosclair, Christopher Tyrrell, Gabriela Villamizar Plata, Meghana Viswanathan, Minami Wakamatsu, Luna Zingaro.

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