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Hot Spot

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Hot Spot
by Grace Noone - Friday, February 7, 2020, 12:18 PM

Greenvale teacher Meghan O'Sullivan guided her students in a discussion after they listened to one of their classmates describe his Hot Spot Project. She asked the students, "Do you see the relationship between all of your projects? That is why all the environmental causes are important."Student reading information about air pollution to classmates.

On this day, Dovi Peysakh explained the dangers of air pollution. "It is very important to discuss air pollution for many reasons. It contributes to Global Warming and acid rain. It also affects humans by causing heart disease and asthma," said Peysakh.

All fifth-graders in the school research and then present their findings of an environmental issue or an endangered animal. Each student then creates a poster board with facts and photos about their topic or a Google slide presentation. As they present their information, their peers write down answers to specific questions to create a dialogue.

The Hot Spot Project complements the science and ELA curriculums and enhances note-taking and public speaking skills.