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Jazz Co – A Weekend of Dance

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Jazz Co – A Weekend of Dance
by Eastchester District Website Administrator - Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 9:40 AM

Eastchester High School dancers brought the stage to life when they performed in Jazz Co’s Weekend of Dance. One hundred and fourteen students, both male and female, displayed their creativity and love of the art.

Director Karen Zambelli watched proudly. “I am amazed at the talent in Eastchester.”

This year 40 of the participants were seniors and the shows held even more significance for many of the dancers who are graduating.

“Everybody came together as a team and it was the best year,” said Jazz Co. President Meghan McCloskey. “It was an emotional weekend and we finished on a high note.”

Students performed approximately two dozen dances during the weekend of January 31st.  They started rehearsing in November with professional choreographers and Eastchester High School alumni. Junior vice presidents Nicolette Mancini and Isabella Michilli coached the freshman. “We taught them that we are not just a club, we are a family,” remarked Michilli.

As part of Jazz Co., the students attend a Master Class where they learn about the different genres of dance before choosing what they will perform. Some dancers took part in a retreat with an additional choreographer who offered inspiration. The students bonded through discussion, yoga and meditation.

They also discussed the issue of hunger and Jazz Co. supported this vital cause by collecting canned goods and monetary donations at their performances. The community raised $200 for Feeding Westchester.

The dancers reflected on the theme in one of their dances called, Fill the Bowl, where students performed a routine that incorporated wooden spoons and bowls.

School Counselor Heather Reilly and teachers Melissa Cuomo and Suzie Wilson also worked with Jazz Co. members throughout rehearsals and during the performances.

Photo Credit: Pietro Pirraglia.

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