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Eastchester Middle School Moving Up Ceremony

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Eastchester Middle School Moving Up Ceremony
by Grace Noone - Monday, June 29, 2020, 2:23 PM

The Eastchester Middle School’s virtual Moving Up Ceremony may have looked a little different than traditional ceremonies, but the sentiments remained the same – a sense of pride and accomplishment for every student.

Principal Josh Elder welcomed the students and eighth grader Benjamin Wien played the National Anthem on the piano to begin the presentation.Principal and students speaking on video,

Mr. Elder congratulated the nearly 300 students who are moving on to Eastchester High School and he recognized that COVID-19 made this school year like no other. “This year more than any other year has taught us the true meaning of change. Events in your life do not define who you are, how you respond to those events does. Time is a constant eighth graders, and how you use it and who you use it with, that is called life. “

“The past few months have given you a crash course in adapting to radical change,” said School Superintendent Dr. Robert Glass. “You have gained resilience that, as a result, you are ready to capitalize on the opportunity. Each of you will be there to encourage one another and comfort one another, no matter what comes your way; for your experience has made you more than ready.”

Eighth grader Sophia Caballes reminisced about the three years of middle school and how the students have become more mature and responsible. “We learned to talk to each other and not about each other. We learned how to not let fears of not fitting in prevent us from showing our true selves. Most importantly we learned to live without holding back,” said Caballes.   

The EMS Class of 2020 may have missed out on many of the rites of passage including the trip to Washington D.C. but student Aegus Kim explained the lesson this has taught. “The last few months made us realize just how valuable each moment that we spend together is. What we can do is come back better than we were before.”

Assistant Principal Madelin LoBue announced the award recipients and then a picture of each student appeared on the screen. Earlier in the day, families drove onto the Middle School campus where students received their certificates and took photos with the EMS administration.