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Eastchester High School Graduation 2020

Picture of Grace Noone
Eastchester High School Graduation 2020
by Grace Noone - Monday, June 29, 2020, 2:44 PM

The Eastchester Class of 2020 will long be associated with the words resilience, perseverance and courage. Approximately 200 seniors graduated on June 26 after spending the final months of their school year at home during the global pandemic. 

The District held two ceremonies on the lawn so the students could spend one last time together, safely. Students sitting on chairs during graduation.

Class President Tshering Pelden acted as the Master of Ceremonies. “I am confident that each and every one of us will continue to survive all the ups and downs and conquer the unconquerable...Through our time in quarantine, we not only immersed ourselves in scientific literacy but we have also strengthened our community focus  and learned to cherish human connections.” 

Valedictorian Ciara Fay thanked her family and teachers for their guidance and support throughout the years and noted how the health crisis shaped her. “I am so thankful for each and every memory made within the four walls of Eastchester High School. The simple moments that comprise daily life at EHS were so easily taken for granted. These past few months have gifted me with a new perspective and I realize just how blessed I am to call myself an Eastchester Eagle.”

The ceremony was broadcast live so family members all across the country could watch and celebrate with the graduates. Musical selections pre-recorded by the High School Orchestra, Band and Chorus brought cheers from the seniors.

Salutatorian Nicole Liao reminisced about the times the Class of 2020 spent together both in and out of school. “You are all so bright and reliable and you have all motivated me to be the best version of myself. I would not have wanted to experience high school with anyone else and I am especially grateful for the friends who have made me laugh and always had my back,” said Nicole. Female student at graduation

This class holds a special place in the heart of EHS Principal Dr. Jeffrey Capuano who has watched the students grow and flourish since he joined the District 13 years ago.

Dr. Capuano encouraged the students to continue to crave learning and excel, even when people aren’t watching and to place others’ needs before their own. “Resolve to be strong of heart, firm of purpose, and high in spirit, even in the face of difficulties.” 

Graduation is a time of great change not unlike what the students and the world have faced these months. “You get to make some important decisions. What will you take with you and what will you leave behind?” asked Board of Education President Dr. Cheryl Smith. “What do you choose to carry along?” Eastchester High School Principal handing diploma to male student.

After hearing their names called and receiving their diplomas, the students left the Eastchester campus for the final time. Moments earlier, they heard the words of School Superintendent Dr. Robert Glass.

“Your experiences as seniors living in a global pandemic could be positioning for something special because now you have the opportunity to combine your academic knowledge with the ability to anticipate and navigate that which you may have never thought possible.”