Showing gallery: First day back at school!

Starting the Journey:

Eastchester families returned to school on Tuesday excited about starting a new year and the potential it brings. The first day served as a milestone for some children attending school for the first time at Waverly. Parents and children had some first day of school jitters that were soon soothed with a hug, a kiss and a warm hello from administrators and staff members. Other children couldn’t wait to get inside and explore their new surroundings. The children were prepared, carrying bags filled with supplies that seemed larger than them!

Our more seasoned second through fifth-graders at Greenvale and Anne Hutchinson waited with their parents outside their school buildings connecting with old friends as they prepared to meet their new teachers and classmates. Once inside they emptied their backpacks and started getting accustomed to new classrooms as they received an introduction to their new courses. Students and faculty look forward to the new experiences for the year.

You could feel the excitement in the air outside Eastchester Middle and High School as School Superintendent Dr. Walter Moran anticipated the arrival of busses filled with students. Scott Wynne, the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and Eastchester High School Principal Jeff Capuano stood by his side also extending a warm welcome.  “We look forward to an exciting school year,” said Dr. Moran. “Our administrators, teachers and staff members have been working diligently to ensure that our students have a meaningful experience. We are particularly grateful to those who assisted in the completion of our new high school wing that opened on Tuesday.  Students now have 18 new classrooms; a state of the art cafeteria and student center; a renovated auditorium; three newly renovated Earth Science classrooms and a magnificent exercise room. The school year opens with great anticipation and promise.”